🗣 Why learning languages is so valuable

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Sonny Drinkwater on November 07, 2019

✨ The future of Helpfulpeeps

We launched Helpfulpeeps back in 2015 to create a new kind of community built on kindness.

Dominic Chapman on December 05, 2018

💬 How to set up React Native and OneSignal

Here’s a guide on making OneSignal work with React Native and React Native Navigation.

Endre Vegh on April 04, 2018

📱 Mobile App Launch For iOS & Android!

Now this is VERY exciting news that we have been desperate to share with you...

Simon Hills on March 13, 2018

🐶 Finding Boo A Dog-Sitter

It was a simple request that melted the hearts of dozens of Helpfulpeeps members...

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018

🏅 Becoming a Helpfulpeeps Patron

First up, a huge thank you for being part of this incredible community of positive people 💛

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018

😁 Lauren's Sign Language Story

It was my new year’s resolution to ‘pay it forward’ more often and give back more. One of the reasons for this is because I was ill the last 1.5 years and required a lot of support without being able to give much back my…

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018

💅 Getting started with Styled Components

We're super excited here to be using Styled Components in our native iOS and Android apps shipping this month.

Dominic Chapman on March 13, 2018

😇 Alison's Circle Of Karma

My first Helpfulpeeps experience was great, a friendly guy called Steve came and helped me out.

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018

🙌 On passing a milestone - 100 people helped!

A couple of years ago I met two guys at a tech start up event. They were Saf and Simon, the founders of Helpfulpeeps, just in the process of getting it off the ground. Almost everyone else at the event was trying to sell…

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018

😃 Cleo's Helpful Story

We caught up with Cleo to hear more about why she joined the Helpfulpeeps community and the time when she met Ana to give her some help and advice on blogging!

Simon Hills on February 19, 2018

🎁 The Helpful Christmas Gift Collection

In December, we announced that we would once again be doing a collection for toys and clothes for disadvantaged children in Bristol for Christmas 😀

Simon Hills on March 12, 2018